Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Ben, however people also call me Benny and/or Benjamin. When around my family I am ‘Benjie’ – to some close friends I am simply ‘B’. I was born in Zimbabwe and spent my childhood in London, England. I came to Montreal (QC) by way of Vancouver (BC) – where I graduated high school. Currently I work as a freelance designer while earning a marketing degree.

The Early Years…

I began my relationship with marketing by promoting student events at McGill University. For the last 12 years I have worked in the nightlife and entertainment industry as an event promoter; bar manager/owner; artist manager and concert buyer/planner. During this time I learnt how to use Photoshop and Illustrator by reading manuals and spending countless hours in front of a flickering screen. I have been fortunate enough to build the diverse body of work that I am proud to showcase on this website.

Let me continue…

I have long felt like the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to marketing and advertising. Because I am ‘self taught’ in many ways and went back to school after earning a lot of practical experience, I draw upon a unique perspective that makes me relevant and becomes evident through a distinct style that is still evolving. I focus my talents in order to channel years of know-how into focused, action provoking messages and marketing tools. Whatever the medium – copy, print design, web content, video, etc., I share the techniques, strategies and knowledge that I have honed over the years. Ultimately, the goal is to impact the consumer with my hard work, positive nature and creativity.

Dreams, Goals, Objectives

I have always been a ‘dreamer’. As a child I would write letters to my favorite celebrities, sporting figures/teams and politicians. Among all of the childish things, I would always ask “How can I work with you?” Today, not much has changed. I still desire to work with people that I love and respect, who inspire me. I still dream of affecting the world in even just the smallest way with my positivity and hard work. I have toiled to obtain the skills to make me a productive member of any team. I yearn to grow with the right team and win with my team. I have studied and practiced for years and now that I have the appropriate skills and knowledge, I want to use my ‘powers’ to the fullest. I strive to keep learning and growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Ultimately, I want to impact those people around me emotionally, put smiles on their faces and support them. In this way we can grow together.

B.M. Maz is here!

I would say (between blushes) that it is my depth of knowledge and diversity of experience that is attractive to my clients. I have designed hundreds of club flyers and many restaurant menus; developed content rich websites and potent online marketing campaigns; edited hundreds of promotional web clips and a few TV commercials; directed popular music videos and successful advertising campaigns. The design and marketing brand that I have built over, the years, B.M. Maz, specializes in producing ‘fresh, relevant and timely’ marketing tools and strives to embody the moniker ‘aspire to inspire’.


1. I come from a large African family and have three siblings. My family is everything to me. 2. I have been fortunate to have meet some amazing people in my life. When I do, I am sure to make them my friends. 3. I love my comfort food restaurants, dive bars and pubs! 4. Soccer is my a passion. I am a devout supporter of Liverpool FC & The Three Lions 5. Free Unstressed and Nice.

Just having F.U.N. 🙂